Nate and I stayed up into the morning hours to work out the details of schedules and store hours and homeschool and classes. This is all so new. We’ve never done this before and sometimes new things are scary. I scribbled the word “Pioneer” on a page in my old school, paper planner. (Who else loves a good mechanical pencil and a paper calendar still?)


This is what we are doing. We are pioneering new territory for our family and community.

Half kidding, but with some serious urgency I searched for a model that I could duplicate. You know, you can google or pinterest just about anything and find a 1 month plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan, complete with adorable, printable checklists and a guarantee that “if you follow this plan, everything will be okay”.

We all want that guarantee. At least I do. But pioneers don’t get that guarantee.

Alas, I snapped back into reality and realized that there are no google search results for “how to open your dream business while homeschooling your kids and loving your community”. Nope. Nothing. There is no model, no blueprint that I can copy for my life or you for yours…we must just live it out. Then the story gets written, one day at a time. The blueprints are made as we pioneer a new way, and then we can encourage others to do the same. Maybe the trails we blaze will help others blaze their own.

Over and over again I have heard friends and acquaintances say “I wish I could do that” (“that” being pursue their dream) and I remember when I was saying “I wish I could do that” and knowing that part of what was stopping me was that I was too afraid to be a pioneer.

I’m still a pioneer shaking in her boots floral toms, but I’m ready to explore some new territory. How about you? Adventure is waiting.


The current floors at AKP. We’ve got some work to do!






“The only gatekeeper to your dream is courage.” My pastor Jason Burns said those words and I am sure that right when I heard them something in me changed.

For years and years I have let fear win. Fear of failure. Fear of what people will say. Fear of not being smart enough/good enough/talented enough. I’ve left my dream, A Kind Place, to be only that…a dream. I never fully pursued it because it scared (SCARES) me and it is easier to “dream at it” from a safe distance.

I’m still afraid of some of those things. I cried tears to a friend just today about some of my insecurities. (Ash, you always let me cry and I am so thankful). But I’m done playing safe. There is no safety or security in playing it safe, anyways. It is slow death to box yourself in that way. So yeah. I still have some fears, but oh how I have courage.

“Courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid anymore. It just means our actions aren’t controlled by our doubts.”-Bob Goff

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that my dream, A Kind Place, is coming soon to Dixieland. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been dreaming up.




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